“Kibitz Without Ya Tits” interview show

“Kibitz Without Ya Tits” (other title options: “Can We Kibitz?” or “Let’s Kibitz!”) is “Drag Race” meets “Inside the Actor’s Studio”. An exciting new way for fans to connect with world class performers, stripped of their gowns and wigs and revealing all!

Joe Posa as Joan Rivers pulls back the curtain to reveal the men behind the women as he interviews some of the most formidable drag artists with their guard down (and tits off!)

Hilarious and heartfelt, Posa with Rivers’ trademark wit and banter, discover how these drag icons got started and what their approach is to stay relevant while balancing a personal life off stage and outside the spotlight.

The vision of the show is to feature veteran entertainers in the art of drag performing: Varla Jean Merman, Randy Roberts, Miss Richfield 1981, Edie, just to name a few. Bringing Joan’s generation in with today’s audience, we can have newer sensations from “Drag Race” interviewed. Our trans community can be spotlighted as Joan can kibitz with them and hear their stories as we raise up our LGBTQ+ family.


“I can’t overstate how groundbreaking your show is! It’s not only great, but also a phenomenon and IMPORTANT! What a brilliant production.” Austin Tyler, audience member.

“The format of the show of your interviewing drag performers was intellectually interesting, informative and heartfelt.” Laura Rood, audience member.